Ready For A Catch-Up?

This morning I went for a 5km run (wait, what?!) did some tabata sit ups and squats, had a shower, made breakfast and started getting ready to settle back into my bed and begin the process of deciding what movie or television series I wanted to watch on my lazy Sunday. Then a thought hit me: I haven’t written for this blog since MAY… and it’s now AUGUST! I should be ashamed. I went on a hiatus again after being consumed in my personal life and have completely forgotten to share some words of somewhat wisdom (some may call them words of complete utter crap) with whoever might be reading this. So I guess I should backtrack to where I left off, as quite a bit has been happening since then.

First thing’s first.

Remember how I told you about my 140kg/318lbs deadlift PR when Rob Orlando was in town? Well…. 12 weeks ago, we were doing 2 rep max deadlifts at the gym and I happened to not really be feeling a PR coming along. I was working with my friend Karla and we both realised I had just lifted 140kg with ease. The look on our faces must have been comical, because all of a sudden, I had 150kg/330lbs on my bar and this is what happened:

THAT’S RIGHT, BABY! Can’t believe I never wrote a post about that!

 150kg / 330lbs deadlift

I also had an opportunity to work alongside Commando Steve for the Spartan Race training day in Brisbane.  It was a heck of a lot of fun and apparently I made a name for myself for being such a meanie. Hey, they came to get commando training, so I gave it to them ;)

Now… what else has happened?

I jetted off to Europe at the end of May for a 2.5 week vacation with my oh-so-handsome Dutchie (that’s right, someone actually likes me enough to go on holiday with me). We went to Barcelona, Paris and Rome as well as spend some time in his hometown in The Netherlands. We called the vacation a traincation, with a little healthy couple CrossFit competition in mind. The boxes we visited were CrossFit Gymert, Reebok CrossFit BCN, Reebok CrossFit Louvre and CrossFit Villa Albani.

The traincation started in NL with CrossFit Gymert (his home box). The WOD had deadlifts and box jumps in it. He officially won that one, HOWEVER, I still stand my ground in saying that I technically won because I did it as RX and he didn’t (love you, baby).


The next WOD was over at Reebok CrossFit BCN. It was a KILLER workout that felt like it took half an hour. I beat him by 6 minutes ;)

At Reebok CrossFit Louvre, the WOD was “Angie” – ugh. I had been avoiding this WOD for three years, so of course it had to come up while on our traincation! I’m fine with all the movements, but it’s the pull ups that get me. After doing 50 of them, my hands start to fail and I end up doing one at a time. Completely frustrating. Not only that, but my push ups suck. Upper body strength needs a lot of work, especially when doing my body weight. Needless to say, he won that one – but not by much! My air squats are friggin fast ;) This made the score 1-2 to him. Boooooo hisssssssss.

CrossFit Villa Albani was great. We managed to go there twice while in Rome. The first day I won the WOD. I believe it had rowing, deadlifts, front squats and box jumps in it. That made the score 2-2. The second day, I won the WOD again (I can’t remember the WOD, but I know it was an AMRAP and there were wall balls and push ups) which made the score 3-2 to me, HOWEVER (du-du-duuuuuuuu) we had a bonus WOD that was death by burpees (eeeeeewwww) and he WON that. Despite my outrage, stating it wasn’t really a WOD it was just a bonus, he won the argument and the score became 3-3. Ugh.

Final WOD was back at Gymert and it involved kettlebell swings, push ups and wall balls. He wasn’t feeling well and had to bow out, so I won. That also meant I won the entire traincation. YAY!


It was a great time and I recommend visiting all of those boxes if you are in those areas. Great people and very accommodating.

When I came back from my trip, I was feeling extremely sluggish and filled with pastries and wine, so I wasn’t really all that excited when my favourite WOD “Grace” came up the first day I was back. I wasn’t expecting a good time… However….  I took 1:10 off of my “Grace” time and did it in 2:11RX!! Not only that, but two days later I did “Isabel” for the first time and did it in 2:33RX!! All I can say is WHOA. A week later I did “Nancy” again after avoiding that awful WOD for 3 years and shaved 10 minutes off my previous time, making my new time 19:00RX. Europe seemed to have done something magical to me ;)

I still don’t have my muscle-up though :(

Other than that, I’ve been doing what I love: coaching CrossFit. I absolutely love that part of my week. I could be having the worst day ever, but going into the box and helping these people on their fitness journey fills me with such happiness.


Okay, that’s all I’m going to write for now. I am going to try and write at least once a week. I’ve missed you guys :)

PS. Did I mention I rowed half a marathon recently?

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What Makes A Good Coach/Trainer?

A very good friend of mine over in the States had been trying out to be on the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar team. Last week, I finally received the message I knew that was coming – she succeeded. “I TOLD YOU!!!! I always knew you could do it!!!” was my instant reply to her news. She couldn’t understand why I had so much faith in her: “But how? You’ve never even seen me coach!”

The answer is simple.

For me, a good coach isn’t just about your skills. My friend is an excellent athlete and I have no doubt she knows her stuff when it came to movement standards. I mean, her husband is on the Level 1 Seminar team and went to the CrossFit Games, not to mention that this year she and her team will compete at their fourth Regionals. But above everything else, she has an amazing personality. She knows how to talk to people. She is approachable and easy to get along with. She is also a great communicator and extremely passionate about CrossFit. To me, she had “it” to be a great coach, and I didn’t need to see her in action. I just knew.

I have been lucky enough to meet a ton of people in the CrossFit community, mostly because of how active I am on social media and the fact that I just put myself out there. Throughout my travels and social media communicating, I have been offered numerous coaching opportunities in various boxes around the States and Australia. Some are really well-known boxes that people would do anything to coach at. But here’s the thing. Not one of these affiliate owners had ever seen me coaching in action. I didn’t understand why and so asked the same question my friend asked me… “but, how do you know I’ll be good enough?” And I received the same answer: They all told me that my open and friendly personality, passion, positive energy, the way I articulate myself and the way people respond to me was all they needed to see for them to want me as a coach for their business. Everything else was teachable and learnable. What they really wanted in a coach was what I already had.

Me with the beginners, teaching pull-up progressions

You could know the world wide coaching textbook word for word. You could be the number one athlete in your region or even in the world. But if you don’t have the personality or passion for it, or if you can’t articulate yourself accordingly or people don’t find you approachable, you aren’t going to get far as a coach/trainer.

I am so thankful that I have had people believe in my coaching abilities. I’m learning more and more about being a great coach/trainer every day and have such a fantastic support system, including the fact that no matter where I’ve been I’ve always had a coach that believes in me and my abilities right from the start. I may not be the best athlete (actually, I’m pretty friggin far from it), I may still need to ask my coach questions on how to coach something, I may fumble and make mistakes during class (I always laugh it off and the beginners laugh with me, because it’s usually something really stupid like not knowing the word for knee cap or something ridiculous like that), but I know that this is what I’m supposed to do. I know and feel that I have “it”

Me with my current coach/mentor/boss, Jeremy Austin of Reebok Crossfit Gold Coast

I also know that having super awesome Batman socks with capes on the back of them helps me have “it”, too ;)  

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Stronger Than Yesterday

Last week was a TOUGH week for me at the box. My coach had set a challenge for me to come six days a week from then onwards. I usually train 4-5 times a week, depending on my work schedule and how I am feeling. It would generally be training Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday off, training Thursday (if I had Wednesday off), Friday and Saturday. Here’s the thing. The programming is done so that it actually is possible to come and train every day without overworking your body. And if your body if feeling a little broken, scale the workout and do more of an “active recovery” day for one of them. ANYWAY, challenge was accepted and completed. I came in every day except Sunday and have never felt better.

CONFESSION: I cried in almost every workout.

Let me explain myself. I seriously need to get rid of the bullshit self-doubt that lingers in my head. And also work on my breathing so that I don’t fall into panic/asthma attack mode. My self-doubt and poor breathing technique stops me from completing a WOD faster and stronger than I should. When all of this happens, I become so worked up and frustrated with myself that hot, angry tears start streaming out. I start shaking my head at the bar. I start pacing and using time wasters such as the chalk bucket. I say “no” instead of “yes.” And that’s when my coaches come up to me and say “Collect yourself. You can do this. Breathe and just go. I believe in you.” And so I shake it off and continue on. The tears last no more than 15 seconds. The self-doubt leaves as soon as I’m reminded that I’m stronger than yesterday. It’s just a workout. I CAN F**KING DO THIS! I’m really lucky to have both a coach and training partner that understand me and how I work. They don’t become frustrated with me, even when I start doubting my abilities or stop doing the WOD when I arrive at my discomfort zone. They laugh at me for taking the entire gym on the first train to Swearsville when I can’t link my HSPU’s or get told to keep picking up the bar. They just get me. They believe in me. And if they can believe in me, I SHOULD believe in me.

This week was not only a challenge physically, but also mentally. As the week went on, I could feel myself becoming mentally stronger. The angry tears started to stop. I also didn’t do any swearing through the HSPU’s on Thursday (pretty sure that was a first). I’m learning to push past my comfort zone and learning to deal with the challenges head on instead of becoming scared of them and doubtful of myself.

Here is the lovely week that I am talking about:

Awesome, huh? I have to admit, I love long gruelling workout weeks like this one. And I was surprised to see that I found Wednesday the most difficulty one and Thursday one of the better ones, when at the start of the week I though they’d be the complete opposite.

I had a lot of wins this past week as well. For instance, when we did the 3×8 back squats, my coach told me to do 60kg-70kg-80kg. I laughed at him and said that my 1RM was 105kg. He told me to just go do it. After I completed the task, I went up to him and told him proudly that I was successful. He told me to go back and do another set at 90kg. Reluctantly, I walked back to the bar. Surprisingly, I completely that task. Unexpectedly, he told me to do 100kg for max reps. I got out 5 with a spotter helping me. I them immediately collapsed on the floor as my legs didn’t work any more. Such an awesome feeling. (For my non-metric system friends, that’s 8 reps of each 132lbs, 154lbs, 176lbs, 198lbs and 5 reps of 220lbs, when my previous 1RM was 220).

I guess the point of this blog post is that despite the challenges that may come to you throughout your workout, you ARE stronger than yesterday, whether it be physically or mentally. I was trying to explain to someone that they were in fact improving, even though they felt like they were going backwards. This person would always finish workouts first, but none of the weights were at RX. Now, they are finishing last BUT are doing all of the workouts as RX. That to me is an improvement and a huge accomplishment. I have another friend that started coming to CrossFit again after almost 2 months off. They were disappointed that they had to scale everything back again and couldn’t do pull-ups any more. Her accomplishment? Coming in 4 times last week, even though she didn’t want to and she felt she physically couldn’t do it.

The beauty of CrossFit is that you are ALWAYS bettering yourself. You’re always chasing goal, then once you reach that goal, you devise a new one. You’re stronger than yesterday.

And that’s one of the biggest wins you could ever ask for.

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My Happy Place

I looooove coaching CrossFit!!! Especially on Thursday’s as I get to be head coach for the beginners class :)

I’m still learning a lot as a coach, including how to coach different personalities and using different cues. I love those “YEAH! THAT’S WHAT I WAS AFTER!” moments. The other night before class, I noticed a newbie struggling with hang power clean. I did a couple of slight changes without bombarding her with too much information. After a few attempts, her movement improved IMMENSELY. Such a proud coaching moment. I love having those moments when I get to coach the beginners. It’s especially rewarding when it’s a complex movement such as push jerk or medicine ball clean, or when I’m coaching someone (especially a female) that doesn’t believe they can do it. I get extremely excited for them when it clicks. No joke, I make a big deal about it. They laugh at me, but I know they love the success and celebration of it just as much as I do :)

I love this job. This is where and when I’m at my happiest.

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*WARNING: This is the first post in this particular blog where I have used curse words. I actually swear quite a bit in real life, but restrain myself when writing here. However, this subject has made me extremely passionate and aggressive and I chose to use colourful language to express myself.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went on a ranting spree through Facebook and Twitter. I’m actually currently writing this at friggin 1:21am. Why? Because time and time again, I see comments from (mainly) girls that really strike a nerve with me when it comes to health, nutrition and the ideal body weight. Last night I saw it from one of my friends on instagram (I think I may have blown up the internet with all of these references to social media on the same subject). It bugged me. A lot.

I wish people would become better educated when it comes to nutrition and what a healthy body is. I know I’m still learning myself, but it really makes me smad (that’s sad and mad put together) knowing these petite girls (and guys!) that don’t need to lose weight, but are putting their bodies into starvation mode by not eating enough calories and doing a shiton (that’s shit and ton put together, but said as one one and kinda like how you make “Target” sound fancy) of cardio. It’s dangerous to overall health and quite frankly, I personally find it offensive. Offensive because I am twice the size of them and if they think they are fat, then they must think I’m obese. I’m just shy of 5’6 and no one believes me when I say I weigh 177lbs/80kg. I’m fit and healthy. I can deadlift 140kg (308lbs), overhead squat 65kg (143lbs) and do 16kg (35lbs) weighted pull-ups (and I’m already a heavy girl!) I have an ass that only fits into lycra/spandex/anything stretchy and biceps that won’t fit into shirts/jackets/anything with sleeves without ripping them – I’m not even slightly kidding. Muscles weigh more than fat. Throw the fucking scales away. If anything, you should be measuring your progress with before and after photos, measuring tape, how your clothes fit and how you feel in general. But let me say this: “Beautiful” does not have the same meaning as “skinny.” Look up both words in the dictionary. I guarantee you that they mean completely different things.

My friend Kelsey made another great point on my Facebook rant. “I am the same height and weight as you and I feel better than I ever have. My problem is that I think CF is kind of helping and hurting the problem. We talk about strong being the new skinny blah blah blah but then pictures of women either from CF or other “women are strong pages” are all just women who have very little body fat…this has nothing with being strong or healthy. I don’t know…just pisses me off. Show me a girl with thick strong legs DL 300# or squatting major weight and I would get behind that. Just my two cents. But I do think people should throw the scales away and start redefining beautiful for themselves!” AFREAKINGMEN! I think the EXACT same thing that Kelsey does. It’s no wonder I still have minor issues with my own body! These “strong is sexy” fan pages and fitspiration photos are all of lean muscular women with ZERO percent body fat and no quads. HELLO! CROSSFIT LADIES ARE QUADZILLAS FROM ALL THE HEAVY SHIT WE SQUAT! And we are proud of it! Yes, you will come across naturally lean women in CrossFit. And they are beautiful and strong. I have nothing against naturally lean women. I have something against people starving themselves and overworking themselves at the gym because they have a warped idea of what is beautiful and healthy.

This subject is very close to my heart. I have made no secret of the fact that for YEARS I had a very unhealthy relationship with my body and it wasn’t until CrossFit that I started seeing myself as having a healthy and beautiful physique. To see these amazing people put their body and health at risk because they believe they need to lose 10-15kg to be an “ideal” weight that they grabbed out of who knows where really upsets me. I was up for 2 hours mulling over this subject. Who out there is saying that we need to be a certain weight in order to be attractive or to accept ourselves as beautiful? If it’s you, I want to slap you across the head. Numerous times. Then squash your face into a big pile of manure because what you’re saying is absolute shit. I know that when I work out my BMI, I am supposedly morbidly obese and doctors want to put me on weight loss magic pills. WHAT THE FUCKERY?! I know that I am FAR from being obese or overweight. Yes, I know I can lean out a little bit (my abs are still hiding from me. They are so bloody good at playing hide-and-seek), but I am far from being in danger of my health as I am eating right and live an active life, so that if I didn’t lose any more body fat, I’d be okay with it. BECAUSE I’M HEALTHY.

I write about different “diets” I try in order to get into the best physical shape of my life. Let me state that I DON’T GIVE A SHIT about what the scale says. And if I start seeing negative effects of what I’m doing, I immediately stop. I’m trying to find a diet that is right for my body and training, not a diet to make me skinny. I don’t want next to no body fat because as a woman that wants babies one day, that is not ideal! Heck, it’s not ideal even if I don’t want babies! I am trying to find a diet that is a lifestyle, just like CrossFit is a lifestyle. This is why I finally came around and am eating for my macros – a way of eating that is worked out specifically for ME and my needs. And you know what? When I discovered eating for macros, I in turn discovered that I was previously putting my body at risk due to not consuming enough calories and potentially putting my body into starvation mode. NO BUENO. That goes against EVERYTHING I believe in when it comes to nutrition and being healthy.

The bottom line is, we are all beautiful in our own way and we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to everyone else. There is no way in the world that I will ever look like Andrea Ager or Christmas Abbott – it’s just not in my genetic make up. I am me and my body will do whatever the hell it wants to. I just need to make sure I am feeding it properly and ensuring that I am taking care of it.

Please do the same for your body.

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If It Fits Your Macros…

MyFitnessPal - shielawickham

Here we go again…

Now, before you say anything about me changing my eating plan yet again, let me remind you that I have ALWAYS pointed out that this is a journey about finding out what works for me. I try new things to see if they better me as a whole. If they don’t work, I find something new to try. This is where I am now.

Carb Nite has been working for me. I haven’t experience any negative effects from it in the gym, plus my energy levels are great. However, I have hit a major plateau. I actually gained a kilo and put on half an inch off everything I had lost. Why? I have no freaking idea. I seriously am the exception to every rule out there. Things work fantastically for me for the first month, and then someone dumps a brick wall in front of me and I start to panic. And resent food. And resent myself.

I don’t want to resent food or myself ever again.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t haven’t listened to another opinion if it wasn’t for the myfitnespal photo I posted on instagram. I had quite a few people leave comments about how my lack of carbs and calories were going to do more damage than good. It was my friend Ben that really got into my head and made me see things a little differently. I spent about an hour on the phone to him so that he could explain to me the concept of eating for your macros, why this would work and why things like carb nite wouldn’t be a good thing especially for someone like me. He has studied and practiced nutrition and fitness and knows what he is talking about, so I trust him enough to listen to what he had to say and seriously consider it.

Ben knows how much I train, he figured out my BMR (based on my weight, age and height) and he worked out the macros I need to hit. With all of the information I provided him, he figured out that I needed:

2094 calories

147g protein

73g fat

211g carbs

Oh. My. Golly. Gosh. That is a HUGE difference to what I have been consuming. I was consuming about 1400 calories, 24g carbs, 120g protein and 80g fat. I started today and I am still waaaaaay off the target. Oh and on top of this, I aim to drink 3 litres aka 96oz of water a day.

This actually kind of reminds me of zone with the amount of food I’m eating. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. If I don’t see any gains from following these macros and Ben and I have exhausted different numbers, I will go back to carb nite.

Almost hit the perfectly! Not bad for first try :)

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Progression Shot Time

It has been 17 days since I started cycling my carbohydrates using the “Carb Nite Solution” as my guide. I wasn’t going to do a progression shot until a month was up, but I was speaking to my friend slash online trainer Rachel and showed her the difference between when I first started and now – she assured me I looked different. Tell me what you think?

WAS 39″ NOW 37.5″

WAS 32″ NOW 31″

WAS 44.5″ NOW 43.5″

WAS 27.5″ NOW 26″

WAS 14″ NOW still 14″

WAS 80.5kg NOW 80.3kg

Even though the scale has told me I haven’t lost weight per say, my measurements and photograph prove to me that I am actually becoming leaner – which is exactly what I was hoping for :)

I will post another update on my progression on day 30. It has only been 2.5 weeks, but so far this method of eating is really working for me. Let’s hope the success continues!

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Strong Is Sexy

I’m proud of my strength. I think that women are now at a point in life where we can be proud of our muscles and our abilities to lift heavy weights in the gym. I know I’m not fast. I also know I’m not flexible or agile. But what I do know is this: give me a heavy barbell and I will lift that thing with pride.

It's a Rob sandwich! Rob Orlando and Games athlete Rob Forte at the Strongman seminar

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to do the CrossFit Strongman seminar with Rob Orlando. This is a course I have been wanting to do for a while, because heavy things are my comfort zone. Lifting heavy awkward objects was something new and exciting for me. Without giving too much of the course away (seriously, if you do CrossFit, you need to do this course) it was probably my most favourite. Rob got you moving. You were challenged to test your strength – or in this case, what you thought was your strength. We used equipment such as huge tyres, atlas stones, yolks, logs, farmers carries and water-filled kegs. It was an incredibly hands-on experience and something that made me say “I want to do this again!”

Me with Rob Orlando

The only downside to this course? Out of 40 attendees, there were about 5 girls. Seriously?! I know it’s called “Strongman” but I honestly thought more women would be interested. This needs to change. Women – especially those in CrossFit – should be doing courses like this to gain a better understanding of their strength and capabilities. Plus it’s SO MUCH FUN!

SIDE STEP: I also did the CrossFit Kids course last month. Man, that was a blast! Learned so much about how to articulate better when teaching not only kids, but also transferred to adults!

BACK TO BEING STRONG: I know I’m never going to be a skinny model-esque woman. I don’t want to be. I know that there are some people in my life that think I shouldn’t lift so much weight and believe females shouldn’t have muscles. I say a quiet “eff you” to them and go on lifting 140kg / 308 lbs off of the ground.

That’s right.

140kg. 308 lbs

A new PR on my deadlift, baby! 

140kg / 308 lbs deadlift

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Plug Time!

Hey guys! So, I’m not sure if I have already told you, but I am actually one of the trainers/coaches at Reebok CrossFit Gold Coast. At the moment you will find me at the beginners classes. Check the website for more details on classtimes and where we are situated. Would love to meet you!

My Trainer Profile

I also wanted to tell you guys about my good friend Rachel Alanis. Rach has helped me over the years and has finally developed her website! She has extensive experience in CrossFit , personal training, diet and nutrition and has even worked for CrossFit HQ. She is also a mother to two very young boys. Check it out! And yes, I still use her services to this day :)

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Change Of Direction

Something that I am continuously learning about throughout my health and fitness journey is diet. Your diet plays a major role in not only externally, but internally as well.

I’ve spoken a lot about my diet struggles. What has worked and what hasn’t worked for me. The paleo diet taught me how to eat clean and keep away from the evil nasties in packaged foods. However, I was continuously hitting a plateau and stopped seeing benefits from this diet. I’ve tried the zone diet with a primal way of eating (paleo, but still consuming dairy). This definitely worked for me, but only short term. I dropped A TON of weight quickly, but I also became tired and was always hungry because my blocks were very limited. As soon as I started eyeballing measurements instead of measuring precisely, I gained back the weight I lost plus more in a matter of two week. Talk about depression and frustration central! I was lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian , and more recently, vegan. Now, I had set myself a goal of maintaining a vegan diet for at least one month, but aiming for 3. I have officially lasted 2 months. It wasn’t that I couldn’t keep doing it. I actually think I could continue eating like a vegan for years, but it started affecting me in the gym and also emotionally.

The first month was great. All the carbohydrates I was consuming was giving me a heck of a lot of energy. I had a bunch of success in the gym and my strength kept going up instead of going down like 95% of the CrossFit community told me it would. Then something happened… this past month, I’ve been feeling moody, lethargic and unmotivated. My endurance has plummeted and I am constantly hungry, so I’m eating so much more food that happens to be completely carbohydrates, yet because I was feeling unmotivated and my endurance was down, I wasn’t burning the carbohydrates like I should. Yes, I lost a couple of kilograms and a couple of inches, but not as much as I should have been, plus I felt like a train wreck. I started fantasising about going to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant and paying the guys with the meat skewers to stand next to me the entire night and just continue to fill my plate up with meat. I would dream about eating cheese again. I’m not even kidding – my dreams would be of me somewhere in a European cheese shop and just burying my face in different kinds
of cheeses. How ridiculous is that?! My body was missing something. My body craved protein and wasn’t getting enough from plant protein. I promised myself that even though I wanted to go three months on Vegan, as soon as it compromised my body in a somewhat negative way, I would reintroduce animal fats and proteins. So the other day, I bought some bacon and eggs and had that for dinner.

MY GOSH I’VE MISSED BACON AND EGGS! <– Totally yelled that out loud, by the way.

Frustrated and smad (sad + mad) as ever with my situation, I was ready to give up and just be a blob. But then the other day I noticed a post from my great friend Rachel about her new diet success. Rachel had helped me out with zone last year and has been such a great friend and support to me over the last few years, personally and with my diet and exercise. I trust her. Her before and after photos made my jaw drop (she has always been a total babe, but the change within 20 days was amazing!) Curious, I asked her for some information on what she was doing. She informed me that she has started “The Carb Nite Solution” and I should definitely try it out. Still not 100% convinced, Rachel then told me my friend Johnny from CrossFit Pasadena was also doing it. The both of them proceeded to give me a ton of information on this way of eating and encouraged me to give it a go. I read the book and promptly cleared out my refrigerator and pantry and headed to the grocery store. Today, I start my new journey of trying out “The Carb Nite Solution.”

Here’s the thing. You need to find out what works for YOU. Obviously, as much as I wanted it to work out for me, my body doesn’t respond well when all animal fats and proteins are eliminated from my diet. My body doesn’t respond well on a high carbohydrate diet, either. I still haven’t found something that works for me, but I’m learning. I’m a “don’t knock it until you try it” kind of girl. I do, however, want to find something that I can maintain. I want to find a way of eating that will allow me to perform well in the gym, keep me alert, not give me epic mood swings, and decrease body fat without eliminating muscle tissue. So here I go again. Day one of a new diet – for a total of 90 days. Keeping myself accountable, I need to post my progression shots and numbers. Ugh I feel so gross, but it is what it is. I have some severe body issues which will probably never completely go away, but I’m working on it. First step is to find a way of eating that ticks all the boxes for me.

With this diet, I will do a blog post and progression shot every 2-3 weeks. Wish me luck! Going from a truckload of carbohydrates a day to under 30g a day (pre and post carb nite) is certainly going to be interesting…

February 22, 2013

Chest/back: 39″
Waist: 32″
Hips: 44.5″
Thigh: 27.5″
Bicep: 14″
Weight: 80.5kg

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